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BCADA June 2, 2021 Meeting

Last night, the members met at Gardenville for the last meeting before the summer break. Guest speaker, Jim Ingram did a spectacular job presenting Civil War items including gold soldier buttons, a Civil War surgeon's bone cutter, stereoview cards from the era, an actual Appomattox wood souvenir when General Lee surrendered to General Grant, and other items. With welcome arms from the members, it was the first time new member, Liz Griswold, attended a meeting. Officer elections were held with the same able officials. There was recent show chit/chat and the new show postcards were handed out for our upcoming antiques show in November. Next meeting is September 15 with guest speaker, Mayor of New Hope, Larry Keller, who will discuss the early 20th century "New Hope" school of artists like George Sotter, Fern Coppedge, etc. Have a great Summer!!!!!

BCADA April 21, 2021 Meeting
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The BCADA held their first in-person meeting of the year at the Gardenville hotel with guest speaker, the down-to-earth yet articulate veteran antique dealer, David Mancuso. David owns the wonderful antique shop in New Hope called "Antiques at the Church". His first entry into the antique world started as early as age 15 from New York to eventually New Hope. David left us with many general principles and ideas - it's always better to be a dealer with a variety of different antiques than just one type; always be ready to learn more about antiques; move with the changes in the antique environment, and Google is your friend. The audience had many questions and comments for David as they enjoyed his lively presentation. Members also discussed their upcoming show on November 13 & 14. The next meeting is on June 2 with Civil War memorabilia expert, Jim Ingram.

BCADA October 21, 2020 Meeting
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Members met at the Gardenville hotel/restaurant with wonderful guest speaker, Larry Keller, the mayor of New Hope, who gave a passionate lecture on outdoor cast iron furniture and statuary. He sells this under the moniker - Hobansack & Keller on 57 Bridge Street in New Hope, PA. He has an excellent assortment of top quality items. We also discussed recent outdoor shows exhibited by some of our members. And we voted to not have our December and January meetings because of the colder weather and the expected spike in the regular flu and the coronavirus. We all pray that we have a serum soon and get back to some sense of normalcy. Stay safe everyone!

BCADA January 15, 2020 Meeting
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Happy New Year! On January 15, members had their first meeting for 2020. First time guest speaker, Roland Boehm, discussed his book store in Lambertville, NJ called Panoply. He explained how values of books can rise up or drop sometimes depending on the current culture. The group also inducted new member Michael Gunselmann into the Association who is a veteran dealer of vintage metal toys and advertising. There was also show chit/chat and wonderful meals provided by the Gardenville restaurant. We'll see you at the next meeting on April 15th.

BCADA Holiday Dinner & Meeting
December 4, 2019

Members had their last meeting of the year with a holiday celebration at the Gardenville hotel & restaurant. The entrees and desserts were excellent as usual. Restaurant manager, Kate, received a gift from the club for taking care of us at all our meetings throughout the year. The President gave a year-end review and a lively discussion about our successful November show. Member Maryann Wyckoff received the President's personal iron rocking horse paperweight for being #1 in getting show postcards to patrons for three years in a row. Also thanked were all the show volunteers without whom there is no show. And to all the officers and Chair people for their hard work throughout the year to help the club move forward. Have a Merry Christmas, Happy Chanukah, and happy New year. Let's have a great 2020 and see you next year!

BCADA October 16, 2019 Meeting
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On October 16, the members had a meeting at Gardenville restaurant where they heard guest speaker, Joseph Pandur of Pandur Auctions in Quakertown, discuss early beer trays and breweriana. Also discussed were recent antique shows exhibited by members, the club's upcoming show on November 9 & 10 in New Hope, and our last meeting of the year on December 4th, our holiday dinner meeting.

BCADA September 18, 2019 Meeting
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On September 18, members gathered at the Gardenville hotel for our first meeting since the summer including member speaker and Vice-President, Lynn LoPresti who discussed the differences between American primitives and Eastern European primitives which ended with much applause from the audience. Also discussed were previous shows that members had exhibited, our own BCADA show coming up on November 9 & 10, membership changes, and the President's new book "My Antiques Journey". We will reconvene for our next meeting on October 16th.

BCADA June 5, 2019 Meeting
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On June 5th, members held a meeting with member speaker Craig Smith who had a wonderful presentation about Samplers in all their glory. Members also held officer elections, talked about our November 9 and 10 show, previous shows were discussed, the upcoming BCADA Luau on July 14, and about member, Chris Wise, who recently opened an antiques store in Quakertown. The next meeting isn't until September 18, therefore, have a great summer!

BCADA April 17, 2019 Meeting
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On April 17, members of the BCADA met at Gardenville hotel & restaurant for an interesting meeting with special guest speaker, Blaine Brown, owner of Brown Brothers auction located in Buckingham, PA. The members had a moment of silence for recently deceased charter member, John Scarpell, who was a proud member of the club. New yearly brochures were handed out. Prospective member, Kate Hallenborg, was voted in as our latest new member. The BCADA Luau was announced to be July 14. Recent show chit/chat was discussed. Election of Officers is slated for the next meeting on June 5 where our member speaker will be Craig Smith who will discuss his collection of Samplers. Hope everyone has a happy Easter and happy Passover.

BCADA January 16, 2019 Meeting
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Last night, our first meeting of the year on a very cold night in Gardenville, PA. Our guest speaker was Steve Cohen with help from Betty Davis and Pamela Blake from the Washington Crossing Card Collector's Club who featured Real Photo vintage postcards from the golden years of 1900 to 1915 including places in Bucks County and some of their incredible values. He did not disappoint the crowd of members from the BCADA. We also discussed recent past show chit/chat and the upcoming Yardley Antiques show this weekend. this show will feature seven members of the BCADA. With the ususal low turnout of members for the first meeting in January, the BCADA officers decided to cover all dinner expense for the only 21 attendees to everyone's delight. A spendid time was had by all.

BCADA Holiday Dinner & Meeting
December 5, 2018

On December 5, 2018, the BCADA met at the Gardenville hotel for their last meeting of the year. They discussed the year in review, their successful November show, ate great food, and had a nice time. See you next year!!

BCADA October 18, 2018 Meeting
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On October 17, 2018, members of the BCADA had a meeting at the Gardenville hotel. They heard member speakers Jeff & Linda Rubens give an excellent presentation on the Grenfell Industry. They also discussed the very soon upcoming annual BCADA antiques show. In honor of Halloween coming soon, President Bill D'Anjolell told a ghost story from his days working for an auction house. And also the usual recent show and store chit/chat. Next up - the annual Bucks County Antiques Dealers Association show at the Eagle Fire hall on November 10 & 11. Hope to see everybody there!

BCADA September 19, 2018 Meeting
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On September 19, members met at the Gardenville restaurant & hotel for their first meeting after the summer. First up was a moment of silence for Sally Goodman, a charter member of the BCADA and an old school antiques dealer based out of New Hope and a long-time friend of BCADA President Bill D'Anjolell. Members also discussed was how great a time everyone had at the July 15 Luau with special thanks to Craig & Helen Smith's hospitality and we will do it again same time and place. Member Paula Foley talked about her large and unique stereo view collection with examples of excellent holders. The members added antiques dealer Don Casto to the membership with thanks to Member Chair - Doreen Dansky. Recent shows over the summer were talked about and our upcoming BCADA show was discussed which is right around the corner. Can't wait for the Fall!

BCADA June 6, 2018 Meeting
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On June 6th, members of the BCADA met at the Gardenville Hotel & Restaurant. Member speaker, Patricia Burke discussed her new coffee table book 'Gerard Rutgers Hardenbergh - Artist & Ornithologist' to a well received audience. Also discussed were the upcoming show in November, our new show postcards, Cape May antiques stores, show chit/chat, and our upcoming Hawaiian Luau at Temora farm. And we wished member, Paula Foley, a happy 30th Wedding Anniversary. Have a great summer! See you in September!

BCADA April 18, 2018 Meeting
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On April 18, members met at the Gardenville hotel for the first post-winter meeting. We welcomed Maryann & Grant Wyckoff and Paula Foley to their first meeting as members. Guest Speaker, Doylestown historian, Jeffrey Hamilton lectured us on places that are no longer in Doylestown. Member Chris Wise informed us about an upcoming important auction at David Rago's Auction house in June. We inducted new member, Joanne Farrell of 'Happy at Home Furnishings'. We also discussed our upcoming show in November. Handed out our new 2018 brochures. We had the usual recent show chit/chat. And we discussed our upcoming Hawaiian Luau in July. Members will reconvene at the June 6th meeting.

BCADA January 24, 2018 Meeting
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On January 24, 2018, BCADA members had their first meeting of the year at the Gardenville hotel/restaurant and their was a lot to cover. Guest speaker, James Curran of British Antiques in Lambertville, NJ gave a splendid lecture on how furniture is selling and how the future looks. The members inducted two new members - Roadrunner Antiques and Foley-Carrow Art & Antiques. Also discussed were recent shows and how member's stores and co-ops have been doing the last few months. A new show date was established - November 10 & 11. And the summer picnic this year will instead be a Hawaiian Luau at Temora Farm in July. A very nice evening on this chilly night.

President, Bill D"Anjolell

BCADA Dec. 6, 2017 Holiday Dinner
& Meeting
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On December 6, 2017, the members had their last meeting of the year celebrating a great show in November, our year in review, and the hard work of the officers, Chair people, exhibitors in the show, members who worked the show, and all the behind the scenes people that make the show and the club work. We were entertained by a band, as well as, a noted opera singer named Alyssa Lehman who sang "O Holy Night" that floored the members. We look forward to the new year.
Merry Christmas everyone!

Opera Singer, Alyssa Lehman

BCADA October 18, 2017 Meeting
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On October 18, 30 members of the BCADA met at the Gardenville hotel & restaurant with member speaker Dan Worden who discussed a hot selling item for the past couple of years - Cork Screws! It was a great presentation. We also saw for the first time, newest member, Bob Smith and discussed recent shows, our upcoming yearly show on November 11 & 12, and other issues. And we hope our Sunshine Chairperson, Jean Rutter, gets better real soon.

BCADA September 20, 2017 Meeting
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On September 20, members met at the Gardenville hotel for their first meeting after the summer. They discussed and inducted two new members - Robert Smith of Westfield Antiques from Clark, NJ and Jane Ashton from Lawrenceville, NJ. Also discussed were recent shows members exhibited or visited and talked about at length was the upcoming November 11 & 12 show. Our member speaker, Eleanor Jenitis, was missing because she is helping her father clean up in Sarasota, Florida. Godspeed Eleanor.

BCADA June 7, 2017 Meeting
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On June 7, members met at the Gardenville hotel and elected their officers. Guest Speaker, Joy Harrington gave a great presentation on antique and vintage dolls including some from her personal collection. The members discussed recent shows, sales in their stores or co-ops, and their upcoming show in November. We'll see you on September 20 for our next meeting. Have a great summer!

BCADA April 19, 2017 Meeting
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On April 19, 38 members met at the Gardenville hotel with guest speaker, Greg Glemser, of the Doylestown Gold Exchange. He gave a great presentation on the changes of value in jewelry, silver, and gold, as well as, what customers are bringing to him to sell in his store or on-line. The club also added new member, Paul Gratz of Gratz Gallery. There was also a discussion on previous shows and our upcoming November show. See you at the June 7th meeting.

BCADA January 18, 2017 Meeting
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First meeting of the new year, January 18, 2017, members met at the Gardenville Restaurant and heard guest speaker, Paul Gratz, art gallery owner and art conservationist give a wonderful discussion on his restoration work and the future of art. We also added two new memberships, Gary Block of G. Brooks Antiques and Lyn & Pete LoPresti of Hickory Springs Antiques. The upcoming new brochure, website updates, and the new dates for our 2017 show - November 11 & 12 were also discussed. And we hope our under the weather members, Russ Miller, Dan Worden, and Eleanor Cheety get better soon. See you in April. Happy New Year!.

BCADA December 7, 2016 Holiday Dinner & Meeting
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The BCADA had their holiday dinner meeting on Dec. 7th. The food was great at the Gardenville restaurant as well as the live entertainment. The Group had a successful show this year and are ready for next year.

BCADA October 19, 2016 Meeting
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On October 19, 2016, members gathered at the Gardenville restaurant to hear guest speaker, Bruce Updegrove, who gave a nice presentation on German Pointed helmets of World War I. Also, the usual show chit/chat was discussed and our very soon upcoming annual antiques show at the Eagle Fire hall in New Hope on November 12 & 13. Hope to see everyone there.

BCADA September 22, 2016 Meeting
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On September 21, members of the BCADA had their first meeting after a long hot summer at the Gardenville restaurant. Member speakers, Erik Fleischer and Alan Snyder, talked about some of their personal collections including Occupational mugs, books, coins, paintings, and more. There was a by-laws update. A discussion about the upcoming annual show and the usual chit/chat about recent past shows and how successful they were, as well as, how sales in stores and co-ops did this past summer.

BCADA 2016 Picnic
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BCADA June 15, 2016 Meeting
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Members met on June 15th and listened to member speaker, Ashley King, discuss how the United States gave away the watch industry to the Swiss back in the 1950's. Also, elections were held with returning Officers - Dale Comisarow, Karen D'Anjolell, Ted Freed, and Bill D'Anjolell. The upcoming show was discussed and previous shows were analyzed from the last two months. And members are looking forward to their picnic celebration on July17 at the Vice-President's house.

BCADA April 20, 2016 Meeting
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On April 20, members met at Gardenville Hotel where they listened to guest speaker, Brent Souder of Alderfer's auction who discussed Southeastern Pennsylvania artists. They also inducted two new antiques dealers into the membership, Ed Frazer from Hatfield, PA and Sally Good from Dresher, PA. The evening concluded discussing recent show chit/chat, our new brochures, our upcoming November annual show, and our July barbecue party. A busy night.

BCADA January 20, 2016 Meeting
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Members had their first meeting of the year in Gardenville. They discussed the 2015 show aftermath, the new date for the 2016 show (Nov. 12 & 13), the upcoming new member brochure, the recent show chit/chat, and laundry airing. A busy night before the first real snow storm of the winter.

BCADA 2015 Holiday Dinner/Meeting
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Please note: those of us taking pictures overlooked at least one table, and we apologize. We thought we had covered all. If anyone has any additional photos, please send along.

The BCADA had their final meeting of the year celebrating the holidays and the successful annual antiques show in November. President Bill D'Anjolell thanked all the show volunteers, exhibitors, officers, Chair people, and the rest of the members. After a great meal, the members presented Bill & Karen D'Anjolell with a very nice gift card for their work in the past year. Have a Merry Christmas & Happy Chanukah. We'll see you next year!

President, Bill D'Anjolell
First Lady & Secretary, Karen D'Anjolell

Vice-President, Dale Comisarow

Treasurer, Ted Freed

Membership Chair, Doreen Dansky

BCADA October 21st Meeting
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On October 21, the BCADA had a fantastic guest speaker, Gary Ward from Lehigh Valley, who discussed Oriental Rugs with many beautiful examples. Gary and his son, Kevin also appraised a few rugs belonging to our club members. There was also recent show chit/chat and a last discussion about our own upcoming show on November 14 & 15 at the Eagle Fire Hall in New Hope. Show times are Saturday, 10 to 5 and Sunday, 11 to 4. There will be appraisers on Sunday only from 12 to 3 with a limit of 3 items per person. Refreshments will be available. Hope everyone can make it.

BCADA September 16th Meeting
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Our first meeting after the summer on Sept. 16, was a packed house at the Gardenville restaurant. Bob Lucas, our member speaker, discussed historical documents and letters, what to look for, and the research that is involved. As usual, an excellent presentation from our Paper specialist. Members discussed our upcoming antiques show on Nov. 14 & 15, notes from recent shows that members exhibited, how stores/co-ops faired over the summer, and that our member, Ashley King was featured in a wonderful article in the current Fall edition of 'Bucks County' magazine.

BCADA June 10th Meeting
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On a June 10 warm evening, members met at Gardenville for the last time before the summer break. Elections were held with new Vice-President, Dale Comisarow, and new Secretary, Karen D'Anjolell. Rounding out the officers were returning Treasurer, Ted Freed and Bill D'Anjolell as President. Our member speaker, Chris Wise, spoke eloquently about coins and what they have been selling for. Also discussed was our upcoming show in November, and what's been happening at recent shows and the latest trends in stores. Have a Great Summer!

BCADA April 15th Meeting
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The club's April 15th meeting at Gardenville's restaurant was bustling with a nice presentation by Jim Walker who discussed the history of postage & values, as well as, inducting two new sets of members. New Members were Dick & Barbara Spahr of Dick Spahr Art & Antiques and Craig & Helen Smith of Temora Farms who were former members. We also handed out new show postcards, discussed show & store business, and ate some wonderful desserts from the menu. See you in June.

BCADA March 18th Meeting
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After two inclement weather postponements, members finally had their first meeting of the year on March 18, 2015. Member Speakers, Karen Taylor discussed her personal collection of advertising and needle boxes, while Carol Kozlowski discussed her collection of children's plates. Last year's BCADA show was also discussed at length, as well as, previous shows members exhibited in from the last three months. The club's upcoming show is on track for Nov. 14 & 15. And member, Alan Snyder discussed his other membership in the Cape Cod Antique Dealers Association and their many summer shows in and around Cape Cod. A busy and long meeting but with much accomplished.

BCADA 2014 Holiday Dinner/Meeting
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On Dec. 3, the members held their holiday meeting at the Gardenville hotel. The November show success was discussed, as well as, the past year accomplishments. Dinner, the conversations, and Santa's gifts were wonderful. Have a great holiday and a Happy New Year! See you in 2015!

President Bill D'Anjolell & First Lady Karen D'Anjolell

Vice-President Dan Worden

Secretary Eleanor Jenitis

Treasurer Ted Freed

Membership Chair Doreen Dansky

BCADA October 15th Meeting

On October 15, 2014, members of the BCADA met at The Gardenville Hotel. For the first time, various members were the guest speakers, discussing what they liked to collect, not necessarily what they sell. Karen D'Anjolell brought in a prized teapot from her collection, Sherry Steigerwalt brought in some of her family's history with horses including a poster of a blue-ribboned horse owned by her father's grandfather, and Ginny Lovekin presented the members with early 19th century Native American Kucina dolls made from wood. Also presenting was Sara Abir who displayed beautiful Persian textiles, Ivan Raupp who showed us his 'goose swings' axes, and Roger Bordman (who loves to fish) exhibited an 1884 Orbis bamboo rod worth several thousand dollars. Erik Fleischer collects valuable 'occupational' mugs, Ashley King with sterling silver ingots, Elsie Tagg with her 'Pinocchio' collection, Scott Tagg with his prized early oil cans (he owns about 500 of them), and Lynn Grater had art pottery. Other members like Pat Burke collects Victorian silver utensils, Doreen Dansky had 'Lovers Eye' jewelry, Carol Kozlowski had Folk Art puzzle boxes, and Bill D'Anjolell brought some of his Phillies yearbooks. He has everyone from 1950 to date. Also discussed was the club's upcoming antiques show on Nov. 8 & 9 at the Eagle Fire hall in New Hope, PA.

BCADA September 17th Meeting
(click photos to enlarge)

On Sept. 17, 2014, members of the BCADA met at the Gardenville Hotel to have their first meeting after the summer break. Guest speaker, Bruce Updegrove, gave a great presentation about the history of World War I using American sheet music to tell the story. Members responded with great enthusiastic applause to a well delivered program. The group also discussed the upcoming November show at the Eagle Fire hall and spoke about how shows and their stores faired over this past summer into fall. Looking forward to a great October meeting where the speakers will be the members bringing a favorite item from something they collect.

BCADA June 18th Meeting
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On June 18, 2014, BCADA members met at The Gardenville Hotel before the summer break. Member speaker, Ashley King, spoke about and appraised clocks and watches owned by various members. There was a re-election of all four officers. The November show was discussed. The event is completely booked by dealers and show postcards were given out to members for marketing. A busy night with 34 members in attendance. Have a great summer!

BCADA May 21st Meeting
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On May 21, 2014, BCADA members met at Gardenville Hotel with guest speaker, Amy Perenti, who heads the Appraisal Dept. at Freeman's Auction Gallery in Philadelphia which is the oldest auction house in the United States. Amy gave us an historical review of the firm and had us play a game guessing the value is on three works of art with prizes for the winners. Member Chair, Doreen Dansky, also reported on and helped us vote in two new members, John Senkewicz and Lynn Grater. We also discussed our November show. An interesting night.

BCADA April 16th Meeting
(click photos to enlarge)

On April 16, 2014, members of the BCADA met at the Gardenville hotel with member speaker Bob Garay who discussed his vast knowledge about Antique Tools. Membership chairperson, Doreen Dansky, helped us vote in returning members, Priscilla and Al Naylor back into the Association. Discussions on recent shows was evaluated at length, as well as, how members' shops and co-ops have faired in the past month. The upcoming November show was also discussed with new show postcards on the way. An interesting time was had by all.

BCADA February 19th Meeting

On Feb. 19, 2014, at the Gardenville Hotel, members of the BCADA heard a great prtesentation by Tony Lee who discussed political ribbons and promotion before Abraham Lincoln's inauguration with splendid examples. Also discussed was the annual antiques show on Nov. 8 & 9. The website managed by Super webmaster, Sue Ivankovich, has been completely updated with all new members information ( And the new 2014 brochures were delivered!

BCADA January 15th Meeting

On Jan. 15, 2014, our first meeting of the year, we had guest speaker, Chris Doerner, discuss 'Auctioneers: Confidential' among our many members. We also inducted three new members to the Association - Bob Garay of 'Take A Dip Tools', Scott & Debi Vombrack of 'Old Dog Antiques', and the return of Russ & Judy Miller of 'Ironmaster's Mansion Antiques' who were on a five year sabbatical. And we discussed our annual show which will be November 8 & 9 at the Eagle Fire hall in New Hope, PA. It's going to be a good year!

BCADA 2013 Holiday Dinner/Meeting

On December 11, the BCADA had their last meeting of the year with a great dinner party celebrating their successful November Antiques show. It was a packed house of members eating, drinking, congratulating each other and receiving gifts from Santa. Looking forward to a good year in 2014! Merry Christmas, Happy Hannakuh, and Happy New Year everyone.



BCADA November 9-10th Antiques Show

Click on image below to view full article that ran in the Money section of the November 8th Intelligencer newspaper.

BCADA October 16th Meeting

On October 16, 2013, members of the BCADA met at Gardenville hotel to hear member speaker Doreen Dansky discuss the history of lithography with wonderful examples from her private collection. Also, the club inducted new members, Jeff & Linda Rubens, as well as, Alan and Amelia Snyder. The annual Antiques show is right around the corner - Nov. 9 & 10 at the Eagle Fire Hall in New Hope, PA.


BCADA September 18th Meeting

On September 18, members of the BCADA met at the Gardenville hotel to hear guest speaker, Charles Sorrels, discuss glass restoration and repair. Also discussed was the club's yearly show, trends at many recent shows. and how shops & co-ops faired over the past summer. Ronald Klinger was voted in as our newest member. Club members were taken care of by excellent new server at Gardenville named Kate. A fun time was had by all.

BCADA June 12th Meeting

On June 12, 2013, members of the BCADA met at the Gardenville hotel for a nice meeting with special guest speaker, Kim Hemingway, who informed us about 'Metal Purity Markings' and how that works with jewelry. This was followed by our yearly elections with Eleanor Jenitis returning as Secretary, Sara Abir as Treasurer, Dan Worden returning as Vice-President, and Bill D'Anjolell returning as President. Sadly, it was noted that members - August Farmhouse Antiques and Jan Allen of Old Maps & Prints, are retiring from the business. Also, recent shows were discussed at length, as well as, how shops are performing. Next meeting is not until September so have a great and safe summer, and don't stop hunting for great antiques!

BCADA May 15th Meeting

On May 15, 2013, members of the BCADA met at the Gardenville Hotel to hear a lively discussion about early tin toys from guest speaker, Jim Wiley, who gave us some examples from his personal collection. Our Member Chairperson, Doreen Dansky, helped us induct new member, Bob Lucas, into the club. Also discussed were the upcoming November show, as well as, shows that members had recently exhibited. Have a great Spring!

BCADA April 17th Meeting

On April 17, 2013, members of the BCADA had a meeting at the Gardenville hotel & restaurant. Our newest member and speaker for the evening was Ivan Raupp who spoke passionately about antique anvils. The club also discussed it's upcoming show in New Hope. Also discussed was how members did while exhibiting at some local recent shows, as well as, how some members are doing at their stores and co-ops. Interesting discussions ending with desserts.

BCADA February 20th Meeting

On a very cold February 20, 2013, members of the BCADA had a meeting at the Gardenville hotel & restaurant. Chris Doerner, owner of 21st century Auctions, was guest speaker who discussed antique marbles which ended with thunderous applause. Bags of the new 2013 BCADA brochures were handed out to members for their stores, co-ops, and shows. Ivan Raupp of Bloomsbury, NJ, was voted into the membership. Ivan deals in iron antiques and primitives, and will be our next meeting's speaker on April 17 discussing antique anvils. Our November 9 & 10 show was also discussed with all of its particulars. The meeting ended with some great desserts and fun conversation.

Antique show marks nearly six decades on South Main

by Petra Chesner Schlatter in the Advance of Bucks County 1/10/13

William D'Anjolell, an antiques dealer and appraiser, will join 20 exhibitors at the 59th Annual Antique Show at the Yardley Community Centre. Show dates are Friday, January 18 and Saturday, January 19.

YARDLEY BOROUGH - George Washington, Abraham Lincoln and Teddy Roosevelt.

Anything that is an antique having to do with these three presidents is in demand by history buffs and collectors.

Roosevelt is William D'Anjolell's favorite. D'Anjolell, an appraiser and antique dealer from Newtown Township, said he especially enjoys anything that's patriotic from yesteryear.

D'Anjolell, 54, who is president of The Bucks County Antiques Dealers Association, will return to the Yardley Antiques Show to sell some of his treasurers.

The 59th Annual Antique Show will take place on Friday, January 18 and Saturday, January 19.
Show hours on Friday are from 11 a.m. to 6 p.m. and Saturday from 10 a.m. to 4 p.m. Delicious food will be available during show hours in the centre's kitchen. Twenty one dealers from Pennsylvania, New Jersey and Virginia will exhibit at the show.

D'Anjolell sets up his display every year in the basement of the community centre -- behind the kitchen where delectable food is sold during the show. He has customers that come back every year. Some are members of the Daughters of the American Revolution and the Martha Washington Society.
Among the treasures that he will bring with him is ephemera, which he says is a "big fancy word" for antique paper including books and postcards. Many of the postcards are pictures of buildings that are not there anymore.

D'Anjolell, whose favorite class at then-Rider College was not surprisingly history, said his interest in patriotic antiques was ignited because of 9/11.

In the foyer of his quaint home off of Eagle Road, are antique silhouettes of George and Martha Washington, which were made by a company based in Princeton, N.J. and Trenton, N.J.

They were made in 1932 for the 200th anniversary of the father of our country. D'Anjolell said there was a lot of pomp and circumstance for the occasion in Washington, DC.

"George will always be the number one sought-after with Teddy Roosevelt and Abraham Lincoln coming in at a distant second," he said.

Inside a glass cabinet is his wife Karen's teapot collection, complete with Limoges and an unusual looking art deco example.

Stepping into the couple's living room, one can see six Maxfield Parrish prints.

"Day Break" is the best known piece that Parrish created. A boy and a girl are depicted in a fantasy world.
D'Anjolell said that Parrish, who died in 1966, was "ahead of his time." His work spans from the turn-of-the-century to the 1950s.

Also in the living room is a roll-top desk dating back to England in 1860. D'Anjolell said some rolltops had secret compartments where important documents like wills may have been hidden from servants.
Karen D'Anjolell loves impressionism. Strategically positioned next to the breakfront in the dining room is a framed Renoir copy. The classic picture is of a little girl holding a watering can.

And sitting on the mantel in the family room is a ceramic Ansonia clock. Unlike most antique clocks, this one has a ceramic face - not a paper face.

"This is a workhorse," D'Anjolell said. "It does its job."

The clock is known as an eight-day clock, meaning it should be wound every eight days. It is made in 1865 from New York.

At the antiques show, D'Anjolell will not only bring some of his treasures, but he will bring his stories with him of how he became interested in antiques and the history about each item he has for sale.
He loves to do the Yardley Antiques Show because of the "diverse group of exhibitors and there's something there for everyone."

D'Anjolell commends Joy Harrington of Yardley Borough, the show's promoter, for the assembling a great group of exhibitors.

Not many antique shows can match the longevity of the Yardley Community Centre. Harrington said the key to the show's success is "the quality and variety of antiques provided by the dedicated dealers who set up at the show and the collectors and dealers who come from Pennsylvania and nearby states to shop the show." The show has always had an emphasis on good country antiques. "This year," Harrington said, "featured items will include primitives, country and traditional furniture, quilts and other textiles, folk art, maps and prints, china, pottery, glassware, jewelry, dolls and books.

Returning dealers include Red Sleigh Antiques, Langhorne; Jan Allen Old Maps and Prints, Yardley; Linda Grier Antiques, Langhorne; Rose B. Gallo, Richmond, Va.; Serendipity, Bridgeton, N.J.; American and European Antiques, Lawrenceville, N.J.; Imagine Antiques, Newtown; Ken and Jan Silveri Antiques, Hamburg; Theresa Bogdan Antiques, Yardley; Friarswood Antiques, Lambertville, N.J.; Jane Ashton Antiques, Lawrenceville, N.J.; Sandbrook Antiques, Flemington, N.J.; Young and Old Antiques, Chalfont; Mary Beach Antiques, Bryn Mawr; Antiques in Bloom, Philadelphia; Irene Shelton, Mt. Laurel, N.J.; Tina Black, Easton; C & C Antiques, Feasterville; Ayscough Antiques, Chadds Ford and Joy Harrington, Yardley, Returning to the show from a brief hiatus is Hex Highway Antiques of Hamburg.

The show is the major fundraiser for the ongoing preservation and upkeep of the historic Yardley Community Centre, which is located at 64 South Main Street in the heart of Yardley Borough.
Admission is $5 and $4 with an ad or article. For additional information, call 215-321-3528.

BCADA January 16th Meeting

The first club meeting for 2013 took place last night at the Gardenville hotel & restaurant and started off with a bang. Mike Ivankovich gave a tremendous lecture on 'Making Sense of Today's Changing Antiques & Collectibles Market'. The club added new members - Liz Billies & Roger Bordman of Cook & Gardner, LLC. And the 2013 annual antiques show will move to the Eagle Fire hall in New Hope, PA. This was a wonderful first meeting of the year.

BCADA 2012 Holiday Dinner/Meeting

On a cold December 12, 2012, the BCADA members met at the Gardenville Hotel and reflected on the past year with some laughs and some sadness. The music and food were wonderful along with sharing nice conversation. For 2012, the club added six new members, had some excellent speakers, and dealt with a terrible hurricane. The Antiques Dealers survived as usual and are gearing up for a better 2013. Happy New Year!

BCADA October 17th Meeting

On Oct. 17, 2012, members of the BCADA met at the Gardenville Hotel and heard member speaker, Stanley Smullen, give a wonderful presentation about antique military weapons. He brought some examples like the 19th century Colt 45, as well as, weapons from the Revolutionary war. There were also fake examples he displayed that were made recently from China. The meeting also covered the upcoming annual antiques show in November.

BCADA September 19th Meeting

After a long summer, a packed house of members from the BCADA had their first meeting of the fall on Sept. 19, 2012 at the Gardenville Hotel & Restaurant. The guest speaker was Tony Lee who spoke about political pinbacks. It was interesting to learn that such small pins could be so valuable, scarce, and with rarely known politicians. The November 3 & 4 show at the New Hope-Solebury school was also discussed at length. The show is completely filled and members are excited. Also, many antiques shows that happened since the last meeting were discussed. The Hunterdon Antique Fair in Ringoes, NJ and the Madison-Bouckville show in New York were deemed as winners. The next meeting is October 17 with member speaker Stan Smullen discussing military weapons.

BCADA June 13th Meeting
(click each photo for enlargement)

On June 13, 2012, the BCADA held a meeting at the Gardenville restaurant & hotel. The guest speaker, Mike Schwartz, gave a wonderful lecture on glass bottles from the 19th century to the 1950's. Elections were held with the entire group of officers being re-elected: Eleanor Jenitis - Secretary, Eleanor Cheety - Treasurer, Dan Worden - Vice President, and Bill D'Anjolell - President. Club by-laws were updated. Recent shows were discussed. New members, Elsie and Scott Tagg attended their first meeting. Also, the club said a sad goodbye to member, Donna Panew, who is retiring from the business and moving to Berks County. The club reconvenes in September. Have a nice summer!

BCADA May 16th Meeting

On May 16, 2012, a large contingent of BCADA members heard Vice-President and member speaker, Dan Worden give an excellent lecture on Sterling silver and silverplate. This included its' history, silver standards, Hallmarks, values, American silversmiths, fakes & forgeries, and how to care for your silver. Doreen Dansky, member chairperson, helped induct two new businesses as new members. They were Factory Antiques in Silverdale, PA and RSG Antiques of Hanover, PA. This makes 43 members in total. Also discussed was the annual show which is already half filled by exhibitors. Elections were discussed for next meeting in June. Desserts were wonderful.

BCADA April 18th Meeting

On April 18, 2012, members heard an excellent lecture By Bob Lucas who discussed early photos and paper antiques to a crowded room at the Gardenville Hotel. Doreen Dansky, the Member Chairperson, helped three new members get inducted into the Association - Todd Kibler of Country Antiques Two, Ted & Linda Freed of T & L Antiques, and Serapi Antiques. Also, contracts were handed out for the upcoming November antiques show in New Hope along with show postcards. The meeting ended discussing recent shows while eating dessert.

BCADA February 15th Meeting

Club members met at the Gardenville Hotel and enjoyed member speaker, Erik Fleischer, who gave an interesting presentation about the story of the true inventor of the steamboat and Bucks County resident, John Fitch. The club also inducted into the membership, Greg Dorsey. The next meeting will be on April 18.

BCADA January 18th Meeting
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On January 18, we had our first meeting of the year at the Gardenville hotel & restaurant. Guest speaker, Joy Harrington, spoke about antique bisque and china dolls using wonderful examples from her own collection. We, also, inducted two new members, Tim Martin and Erik Fleischer, into our membership. A splendid time was had by all.

BCADA 2011 Holiday Dinner/Meeting
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The last meeting of the 2011 year ended with adding our 40th member, Mary Zaniewski. The food at the Gardenville Hotel & restaurant was terrific and the holiday music was great. Looking forward to 2012.

BCADA October 19th Meeting
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On Oct. 19, 2011, 27 members of the BCADA met at Gardenville restaurant. A talk was presented by Chris Wise about books and book mending that created an interesting discussion. New member, Pat Burke, came to her first meeting all the way from Pt. Pleasant, NJ. Show Chairperson, Dana Balsamo, discussed the upcoming annual antiques show at the Solebury-New Hope School on Nov. 5 & 6. An educational evening in a cozy dining room.

BCADA September 21st Meeting
(click each photo for enlargement)

On Sept. 21, 2011, with the summer over, members of the BCADA met at the Gardenville restaurant. There was a moment of silence for the late former President, Bill Perry who recently passed away. Speakers that evening were members - Donna Panew and Carol Kazlowski who spoke about marketing your inventory in a show environment and other ways to promote your merchandise. Member Chairperson, Doreen Dansky discussed and helped us vote in veteran antique dealer, Patricia Burke, who is our latest new member. Show Chairperson, Dana Balsamo, discussed how our New Hope show is developing for Nov. 5th and 6th. Various antique and quilt shows the past couple months were discussed and examined. The desserts were too large but very enjoyable.

BCADA June 8th Meeting
(click each photo for enlargement)

On a hot June 8th, 2011 meeting at the Gardenville Hotel & Restaurant, a packed group of members elected their four officers. During the evening, guest speaker, Tom Rago, discussed local American pottery origins, values, and trends for the future. New member inducted was Christopher Wise of Errant Artifacts in Quakertown, PA giving the club 38 members strong. The annual antique show in November according to Show Chairperson, Dana Balsamo, is completely booked at this early stage. Members enjoyed the food especially the desserts and the conversation. Enjoy your summer!

BCADA April 20th Meeting
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The April 20, 2011 meeting inducted a new member, James Curran, into the Association. There was also a "What is It?" with items from Dan Worden and Ashley King. Ashley brought a wood device from the early 19th century that was probably used to help make lace and Linen (see photo). We have had two canceled meetings this year and this was the first meeting of the year without a hint of inclement weather.

BCADA February 23rd Meeting
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On February 23, 2011, the first meeting of the new year was off to a great start with guest speaker, James Curran, a 17th, 18th, and 19th century British antique furniture dealer, who spoke to a large contingent of BCADA members at the Gardenville Hotel & restaurant. James spoke about his merchandise, furniture trends, and the restoration process both in the past and today. His store is located on 202 N. Union Street in Lambertville, NJ. A splendid time was had by all.

BCADA December 1st Holiday Party
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The BCADA had their final meeting of the year on December 1st at the Gardenville Hotel. Highlights of 2010 include a successful yearly "Antiques Show" in Jamison, a new BCADA Facebook page, a crowded "Antiques Appraisal Day" in Newtown, some excellent guest speakers, and 9 new members voted into the Association.

October 20th Meeting

On October 20, guest speaker, Claire Lavin, discussed Halloween antiques and collectibles to a full spellbound crowd of BCADA members at Gardenville Hotel & restaurant.

Items displayed ranged in value from $45 to $1500. They were mostly from the early 20th century made in both Germany and America.

September 15th meeting

The large group of members thoroughly enjoyed the lecture by guest speaker, Steve Cohen, who discussed "Real Photo postcards from the early 20th century.

BCADA December 2nd Holiday Party
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BCADA November 4th Meeting
Members again wondered..."What Is It?"

BCADA September 23rd Meeting
Members Pondered..."What Is It?"

BCADA June Picnic

An outdoor meeting and dinner picnic were held at President, Bill Perry's home

BCADA Member, Mike Ivankovich
in the Intelligencer & Bucks County Courier Times
Intelligencer: Michael Ivankovich sits with his book on an antique child's chair and in front of the next auction he is working on in his Buckingham home on Monday. Ivankovich's book, "Home Downsizing in 4 Easy Steps" was released in January and is a guide for those downsizing their lives and getting the most for the items they sell. (More...)

Bill D'Anjolell's Bucks County Antiques Show
Reported in the Bucks County Herald

Click here for fully readable pdf version

(Note: Caption error under photo at lower right. The picture is of Eleanor Cheety of C & C Antiques, Trevose, PA)


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